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Who am I?

My name is Jessica aka HVAC Jess and I am a 3rd level HVAC/R apprentice.


I am learning the trade from my dad and my brother at Cam Cool Refrigeration where we specialize in commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration.  One day I will hold a Real Seal Certificate as Refrigeration Mechanic, just like my dad!

I am fortunate to live a wonderful life in Vancouver, Canada and I'm excited to share my daily adventures on Instagram with the hopes of creating more awareness for women in the trades.

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My Appearances

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Rock the Trades - Tales of the Trades

Meet Jessica Bannister

Tales of the Trades shares just some of the millions of stories in the skilled industrial trades, shining a bright light on the hard-working tradesmen and women who build, operate and maintain the world we live in. We also focus on the individuals and organizations working hard to advance industrial sectors and ensure their success over the coming decades.


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