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My Appearances

This page contains links to all the appearances I've made as a spokesperson for women in the HVAC/R industry.

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March 2022

Ladies Of The Trade - Live At CMPX w/Jessica Bannister, Shawna Peddle and Brandi Ferenc

April 2023

S5E15 Jessica Bannister

March 2022

Women in the HVAC Field

October 2021

Jessica Bannister, HVAC Jess

January 2022

HVAC Jess: Growing an Instagram Community in the Trade Industry

February 2022

Female Influencer of the Year

September 2020

Episode 3: HVAC Jess


March 2022

Taking Back the Trades

October 2021

Work Wear: A Perfect Fit

October 2020

Jess calls out all the women out there and shows how HVAC can as well be

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