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My Appearances

This page contains links to all the appearances I've made as a spokesperson for women in the HVAC/R industry.

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March 2024

The incredible story of HVAC Jess. How to become an HVAC influencer.

February 2024

LIVE Interview Episode 41 Jessica Banister HVAC Jess

January 2024

In this episode we talk about the importance of going for it, the impact of sharing your journey, and just how smart you have to be to be in HVAC.

March 2022

Ladies Of The Trade - Live At CMPX w/Jessica Bannister, Shawna Peddle and Brandi Ferenc

April 2023

S5E15 Jessica Bannister

March 2022

Women in the HVAC Field

October 2021

Jessica Bannister, HVAC Jess

January 2022

HVAC Jess: Growing an Instagram Community in the Trade Industry

February 2022

Female Influencer of the Year

September 2020

Episode 3: HVAC Jess


March 2024

Jessica Bannister's talent, passion for HVACR and social media presence combine to make her an ideal spokesperson for promoting women in HVACR.

December 2023

This year’s headline-makers span the industry from social media to legislation and beyond

March 2022

Taking Back the Trades

October 2021

Work Wear: A Perfect Fit

October 2020

Jess calls out all the women out there and shows how HVAC can as well be

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